Thursday, 26 September 2013

Turtle's Thank you

Hi guys!!
This is a nice thank you card and it is quite fun to make.
Cardboard: Dark green, light green and white
Ink: Stazon black
Stamps: Nature's nest
Accessories: SU crayons, blender pen
1. Cut the light green to size against the dark green
2. Then cut the white to size against the light green
3. Stamp the turtles (or whatever you want to stamp) in stazon black ink
4. Now you stamp your sentiment. I do it before I do the colouring because if you mess up the sentiment after colouring it in, it wastes your time and your crayons
5. After stamping your sentiment, you can colour in the turtles. You can also use markers or ink pads but I use the SU crayons. To use the crayons, you put a few darkish strokes in the area that you want that colour. You don't have to colour it in because the blender pen will do that. With the blender pen, go over the crayon strokes and spread out the colour.
Tip: Remember, the SU crayons are especially made for card making so don't go using any type of crayon.
Keep stampin,
P.S. I CASEd this card from someone but can't remember who. If you know, please tell me.

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